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Policy Of Healthbut

This is official agreement that contains all the information how Healthbut shared its data, what are the resources to collect data; how our online information is unique to others etc. to be sure all the regards we are giving valuable information on our website. It is ensured you that we are not doing copy anyone else details or information. The collecting information is maintained by daily basis entertainments purposes.

How Do We Collect Data?

The information on our website has been written in a professional manner. We do not use any kind of tools and tricks to collect information that we provide to our web pages. We create all the information manually that could be the user-friendly information. If somebody has created the same website that we have, We take action on them and also fix issues that are totally genuine for everybody.

Uses & Process of Data Collecting

We already make sure that we do not copy any kind of information from other websites. Basically, the website that we are managing. It is lyrics website, when any kind of song comes to the industry either it is Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. Our team heard the song and writes it manually. Making a high quality and user-friendly content is the basic motto of our team. We have nothing to hide from the user, they can access here any kind of information that is for they come over the internet.